What have I bought on Bandcamp recently? (2)

Phew, I accumulated quite a lot of music purchases over the last couple of months. Time to talk to you about it.

🔗 Jump to heading Fresh Cut Orchestra: The Mothers’ Suite, Movement III – Ritual of Take (Track)

Heard it in a Bandcamp Weekly and knew right away that I liked this track. I’m down to drum infused instrumentals with build-ups that fuel one with energized orange juice. Such a cool build-up, really. Can’t work to that, since every inch of my body wants to move in weird ways.

🔗 Jump to heading The WAYO: Wanderflips EP

A slow funk/hip-hop/groove remix EP of The WAYO’s Wanderings EP. Good to get yourself out of that rough day where things didn’t work out as well. Nothing too excited, but still really likeable for the warm good mood it gives you.

🔗 Jump to heading cloack: room

This is a special one. Has dreamy, spacey aesthetic to it which makes you think about things. All kinds of things. Your life, what the little blackbird outside is chatting about again or why your roommates can’t do the freakin’ dishes for once. Good thing that it doesn’t let you get angry about it. Also, dear lovely roommates, I am fine with doing the dishes. Pay me with cookies and hugs.

🔗 Jump to heading KOZILEK: SoundCloud Vol. 1

Jukio Kallio scraped his SoundCloud for individual songs and smashed them together in this 8-piece EP/album thing. I’m not really into all of these tunes, but Helsinki Trails is super. While we’re at it: Check out his stellar soundtrack for the game Luftrausers—it kicks asses!

🔗 Jump to heading DADRAS/Cliff Dweller: Polygraph (Track)

Mysterious one. So much things are going on in this track. The long, high voice moaning in the background, the various percussions and drum lines, the overall dark feeling that tries to surround you with all its layers. And the end, listen to it, is that Burial tuning in?

🔗 Jump to heading Reptar: Ice Black Sand (Track)

Now this is a track you probably want to sing along with. That’s what I want, atleast. Also, the album Lurid Glow is tagged with space chasm orgasm ravine rock. I don’t know, that sounds interesting to me? The song itself is pure fun and sounds like the album cover looks like. Noice!

🔗 Jump to heading Floating Points: Nuits Sonores / Nectarines

Oh yeah, keep them long build-ups coming. I’m in for that. Nuits Sonores is a whopping 12 minute track that absorbs everything and accumulates into a gigantic pile of tension. I love when I can pay so much attention to a track and feed it with more and more of my patience only to allow it developing itself into that monster that unleashes it’s energy around the 9 minute mark. Boom! Get on your feet!

🔗 Jump to heading Thrupence: Lessons (Originals Mixtape 4)

Yes, I bought a mixtape and I don’t think that’s strange. Especially because in this case it’s more like an album. Every track is made by Jack Vanzet. “Don’t You Mind” is probably already a classic, but the other tracks don’t lack in quality. Overall colorful and consistent mixtape. Great job, Jack.

🔗 Jump to heading Tonik Ensemble: Snapshots

The Dutch Atomnation label keeps surprising me with pieces like Snapshots or Half Age EP by Weval. The album covers alone look so good. Now to the record. Rich textures, sensible voices, thriving beats and sudden changes in pace and orientation of the theme. And then there are these reoccuring violin parts. Terrific!

🔗 Jump to heading Gidge: Autumn Bells

Also from Atomnation comes this album of the Swedish duo Ludvig Stolterman and Jonatan Nilsson. Comparable with Tonik Ensemble, Gidge bring you a haunting ambient release that remind me of misty scenarios in a forest where the occasional sound of a distant animal sends you the chills. I kinda want the weather to be rainy now.

Woah, alright, let’s make a little cut here. Going to publish the next part in a couple of days, because it was that much. Also I said to myself that I needed to finish these articles first before buying new music.

What have you been listening to lately? Anything you want to tell me? Tell me.