What have I bought on Bandcamp recently? (1)

In the past couple of months I’ve bought as much music as never before. The reason is Bandcamp. They basically provide the most painless way of buying music online out there. While Bandcamp takes a 15% cut (plus something for payment processing) of the music sales made from their page the artists are payed directly.

You usually can get a CD or vinyl while at the same time receiving the MP3’s or FLAC’s directly after paying. Most of the time I go for the digital thing only. Where would I put that CD in anyway? CD is dead.

Here are my last purchases. Have fun listening and buy music.

🔗 Jump to heading C418: Minecraft – Volume Alpha

I bought Minecraft when it was in its beta but only discovered how amazing the soundtrack by C418 actually was. That’s on the game for only playing it so quiet and distant. I’m really not sure why it is that way, it deserves more attention.

In the game, you can set the mode to peaceful which prevents monsters from spawning. The soundtrack is just as peaceful. It’s slow, friendly, electronic and ambient. On a scale of 1 to Thirteen, my favorite track is Mice on Venus.

🔗 Jump to heading 2814: 新しい日の誕生

I don’t speak Japanese, but the translator says the title of this album is “Birth of a New Day”. Very cool that it comes with an animated cover (1500×1500 pixels, 8.6 MB) from Gustavo Torres a.k.a. Kidmograph.

The music is just as peaceful as prior one. Dreamy ambient electronica with this interesting cyberspace atmosphere. The music is a trip through an imagined world with your shoes off. In this case I would’ve loved to get my hands on the Limited Edition CD, but it was already sold out. Limited to 50 pieces.

🔗 Jump to heading Adventures: Supersonic Home

Contrast! Haven’t listen to much rockier stuff in the past years, really. This record however hit me. It was reviewed by Anthony Fantano and what he had to say is accurate. You get these really catchy tunes with Reba Meyers’ interesting voice—I really like that in particular—that make you sind along right after after the second listen as pointed out by Anthony. He’s feelin’ a decent strong 7. I agree and review the next thing next.

🔗 Jump to heading Daymé Arocena: Madres

(The track was delisted from Bandcamp, so no more embedded player.)

This was in last weeks Bandcamp Weekly which by the way is an excellent podcast featuring current music releases on Bandcamp. Great stuff. Daymé is a 22 years young chanteuse from Cuba. Her upcoming release The Havana Cultura Sessions EP was announced today.

The song is one with many facets that slowly develops its soul layer by layer and gets really special by doing so. With this in our bags we eventually will make our way to warm summer nights.

🔗 Jump to heading Les Passagers: Mostla Tape

From Montréal in Québec (Canada), Les Passagers brings us a sometimes slow-paced, sometimes dancy mixture of electronic pop, folk and rock with pleasent vocals. Good to get your mood back to a people-friendlier level.

🔗 Jump to heading WMD: Wilt

This Michael Erickson still kicking out release after release. I especially like his non-chiptune records that have this wide and open ambient character. This is music for when it’s dark. For the night. For when you are or when you feel alone.

This EP was inspired by the feeling you get when it’s five in the evening in June, and you have all of the windows open in your house.

Michael Erickson

🔗 Jump to heading Stumbleine: Mixtapes

And swoosh, have five incredibly well-conceived mixes from Stumbleine. The tracklists are pure eye and ear candy and have Matthew Dear, Burial, Cat Power, Asa, Mogwai, Radiohead, Boards of Canada, M83, Clams Casino, Atoms for Peace, Gold Panda, Björk, Tycho, Apparat, Flying Lotus, Daughter, Lapalux and of course Stumbleine on it—to only name those who are familiar to me. Super.

That’s it for the time. More to come. Should I do these short reviews for the older things in my collection as well? Let me know!