The own camera

I have my own camera for a few months now. My first thought was in the direction of a cute mirrorless (Sony NEX-3N).

One makes a couple of compromises in this price segment. The cameras are small and light, but the handling is orientated as a consumer product for the masses. Touch screen, confusing menu navigation, partially poor processing.

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My budget was somewhat small, but for 280 € all seemed pretty okay. Because the Amazon price was up by the time I wanted to place the order, I ordered from Conrad. Not a good idea.

After two weeks of not receiving a confirmation, I called them. They told me that they were out of stock and that they cancelled my order. Bad thing about that? They didn’t tell me.

Eva — Siberean Forest Cat
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Back to the beginning. That somewhat stole my thunder and my eyes were back on single-lens reflex cameras. Eventually I bought the Canon EOS Rebel T3i from Media Markt including a bag, a cleaning cloth and a SD card for 400 gold coins—the camera alone costs around 550 € currently, so much for that.

Peony (red)
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The camera has a good screen—also counting the selfie feature (one can pull it out)—which I use as a viewfinder surprisingly frequent (Live View is not that bad).

Navigation is flexible just like we’re used to from DSLR’s. The kit lense does a good job, unless when used in low light. Understandable.

The garden through glasses
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My next investigation will be replacing my ailing mobile phone the expecting Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II

Although the photographs are linked accordingly, let me suggest my Flickr account. Have a look!

Peony (white)
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By the way, all photographs are Creative Commons meterial: CC BY-SA.