The name is kleinfreund

Yes, Hello! Something happened in the last weeks. My first real personal and self-built website. Here it starts.

It all began with the final project in our web design class during my apprenticeship as a Gestaltungstechnischer Assistent (loosely translated to design assistant). We were to build our own website, including a portfolio containing works from the past two years.

That’s something I kept on cold storage for a long time now. Roughly outlined in my mind, I imagined a purely static and minimalistic site. On my way I took a rather big swing.

🔗 Jump to heading While we’re at it …

Why not have a look on the things the cool young kids use these days. Instead of using vanilla HTML and CSS, I ended up with a more powerful set of tools on my belt:

Now let’s see where this leads to. Cast off, the countdown has started, towards final frontiers.