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Hey there, my name is Philipp Rudloff and I’m a front-end developer.

I build websites and web applications with reliable user and developer interfaces. For software systems, I design and implement robust architecture which works well for its developers and, most importantly, its users.

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Kong Inc.


At Kong, I’m responsible for the general maintenance and development of the UI application that is part of the Kuma and Kong Mesh products (on-premise software). As part of this, I managed the migration from Vue.js version 2 to 3. I’ve also set-up several pieces of continuous integration-based automation that range from application testing to preparing the UI application for release.

Currently I’m involved in developing Mesh in Konnect as part of Kong’s Konnect product (SaaS software). In short, I’m involved in all front-end development activities surrounding Kong’s service mesh offering.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (TypeScript, Vue.js)

Sendcloud B.V.

Full-time · 3 years, 1 month
On-site in Eindhoven (Netherlands)

At Sendcloud, I worked in several teams on all frontend-related aspects of the platform including feature development, internationalization, API design, technical writing, general maintenance, hiring, and onboarding/mentoring of front-end developers.

I heavily contributed to planning and finalizing the multi-year effort of migrating the platform’s main frontend to a Vue.js-powered application.

Then, I was part of the checkout team where I was a core contributor to establishing the foundation for a new system of features that deeply integrates with various e-commerce platforms. I’ve developing the third party script responsible for rendering a custom shipping method UI in a merchant’s shop. I was also responsible for writing the public technical documentation, designing APIs, and maintaining related legacy systems.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Vue.js)

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Front-end developer
Weimar Germany (Aug 2017 – Jun 2019)

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Computer Science & Media (B.Sc.)
Weimar, Germany (2014 – 2019)

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I have experience in most areas of the front-end development landscape and am comfortable working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript regardless of framework, utility library, or underlying authoring methodology. That includes:

If you’re looking for the list of buzzwords to check off of your list: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js, TypeScript, git, package publishing, CI workflows, OpenAPI, Phrase, Eleventy, and those I, intentionally or unintentionally, forgot to remember.

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why haven’t you put inventor of the [Eleventy] Data Cascade on your resume yet

Zach Leatherman, creator of Eleventy

A selection of publicly recorded contributions to open source software: Vue.js, vue-i18n-extract, Eleventy, Discourse, Sublime Text Packages, Jekyll, Clementine, …