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Music for Anna

You asked me to write down some recommendations because you liked the music I was playing while you were around. So here it is. Not on a piece of paper, though.

# Jump to heading Bachar Mar-Khalifé – Ya Balad

My favorite album from last year. A very special record indeed. This needs to introduction. We had this one up a few times. Just so very good.

# Jump to heading Lucius – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

I’m still so impressed by their style not only musically but also visually. Their twin look is so beautiful. Also, I feel their live recordings are so much better than the studio ones.

# Jump to heading Martin Kohlstedt – Nacht

I saw this guy walking around the city almost daily last week. He really did put out two great records while especially “Exa” on this one is formidable.

# Jump to heading Nubiyan Twist – Self-titled

Putting my speakers in the kitchen and cooking with friends. This is the soundtrack. Apart from no cooking taking place because everyone is just shaking their booties.

# Jump to heading Vangelis – Blade Runnder Soundtrack

There are a lot of very good soundtracks for movies and also games. I’m sure I’m listening to the soundtrack for the very first Star Wars movie atleast a dozen times a year. This one is for a movie I haven’t even seen yet but the soundtrack is just so good and special. I kinda feel spoiled by knowing it before watching Blade Runner.

# Jump to heading Bonobo – The North Borders

One of my most favorite artists. He released many good albums over the years (Animal Magic and Black Sands are both great as well), a great Late Night Tales mixtape and an absolutely fantastic live DVD from a show they (Simon Green and band) played at Koko in London (I had a roommate who saw them their. I was so jealous.).

# Jump to heading Nujabes/Fat Jon – Departure

Now for a something else. This is a soundtrack for the anime Samurai Champloo which I really like. Give it a listen. Some laid-back instrumental rap.

# Jump to heading The WAYO – Wanderings/Wanderflips EP

Two EP’s from The WAYO while the latter being a remix version of the first one. Good stuff.

# Jump to heading Cacartu Self-titled EP

Percussion-heavy R&B/Soul/Jazz stuff. Enjoying that quite a bit.

# Jump to heading Kamasi Wahsington – The Epic

This is “The Epic”. That name is chosen adequately. Three hours long, this album requires patience. Listening to it in its entirety almost requires preparation, because you just need the time. We should meet for a cooking session. A long one. No leaving early. No switching off the music. Thinking free style pizza completely self-made with pumpkin slices and sheep’s cheese.