Favorite Tracks of 2015

Hey there everyone, it’s List Week already. So without further ado, here are my twenty favorite tracks released in 2015.

20. Vallis Alps – Young

Detail from the artwork of Vallis Alps’ self-titled EP

19. Death And Vanilla – California Owls

Detail from the artwork of Death And Vanilla’s album “To Where the Wild Things Are”

18. Kuzco – Throwback

Detail from the artwork of Anti Radio’s self-titled compilation

17. Grossstadtgeflüster – Fickt-Euch-Allee

Video for Grossstadtgeflüster’s “Fickt-Euch-Allee” on youtube.com.

16. Reptar – Ice Black Sand

Detail from the artwork of Reptars’s “Lurid Glow” album

15. Hot Chip – Need You Now (Percussions Edit)

Detail from the artwork for the 12″ with Percussion’s edit of Hot Chi“Nee

14. Savant – Stationary Dance

Video for Savant’s “Stationary Dance” on vimeo.com.

13. World Champion – Avocado Galaxy (Tornado Wallace’s Paradise Remix)

Detail from the artwork of the remix EP for World Champion’s “AvocGalax

12. Clarence Clarity – Those Who Can’t, Cheat

Video for Clarence Clarity’s “Those Who Can’t, Cheat” on youtube.com.

11. Fresh Cut Orchestra – The Mothers’ Suite, Movement III – Ritual of Take

Detail from the artwork of the album “From The Vine” by Fres

10. 37 Adventures – Clanky Love (Jamie Lidell’s Klankenzeit Dub)

Detail from the artwork

The track starts a bit flat but patience is very rewarding. The piano line kicking in later and the vocals are amazing.

9. Vakula – Joywind

Detail from the artwork

This is a vacation track, isn’t it? It sure sounds like one. Good for me. Haven’t left the country this year.

8. The Classical – Our Lady of Revenge

Detail from the artwork

This track is a beast! I’m very impressed by the strange repetitive instrumentation, but also the crisp vocals. Shivering under my blanket (Yes, this is exactly what I’ve written on my Bandcamp page).

7. Ishinohana – Lucía (John Talabot’s Sunset Edit)

Detail from the artwork

Especially liking how the melody evolves over time on this track. Very nice.

6. Melanie Biasio – I’m Gonna Leave You (The Cinematic Orchestra Remix)

Detail from the artwork

Longest track on this list is this great remix by The Cinematic Orchestra. Feels like it never ends. In a good way.

5. Anderson Paak/ScHoolboy Q – Am I Wrong

Detail from the artwork

Do you feel the funky grooves? Yes, I feel them, too. And dance!

4. Royce Wood Junio – Midnight (Special Request Remix)

Detail from the artwork

Royce Wood Junior making his second appearance in this list. Again he’s being remixed and again it’s done so well.

Started with nothing and still got the same. This isn’t pleasure and this isn’t pain it’s just midnight.

Midnight by Royce Wood Junior

3. Shlohmo – Buried

Detail from the artwork

Slow build-ups. You know me. They have a special place in my heart (Not biologically, that’d be crazy).

2. Beatsofreen – Slowly Rising

Video for Beatsofreen’s “Slowly Rising” on vimeo.com.

The last piece music which has made me felt so in peace with everything were the fantastic compositions for Minecraft by Daniel Rosenfeld who just released his new album 148. This song accompanied by this immensely beautiful video does just that again. Make me feel peaceful.

1. Cumeo Project – On the Surface of the Sea

Detail from the artwork

This melody. I don’t know what to say. It gets me every time. So energetic, so beautiful.

That’s it for the favorite tracks. Albums following soon. Could’ve easily been a top 50 judging by new additions to my library but I leave it at that.

I would love to hear what you’ve been listening to through out the year. Let me know.