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Favorite EPs of 2015

Now a short segment where I list my favorite EP’s from the year. I felt like splitting my favorite records into albums and EP’s since they’re often very different in length.

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Throwing Snow
Wintery Prism

(“Wintery Prism” is not actually the title of the three* EPs. It’s mereley a shortcut to not list the six track names in the title)

The three releases “Lumen / Paint By Numbers”, “Glower / Clasp” and “Xema / Seren” complete a series by London’s Ross Tones. All of these are perfectly fine dancable club tracks as far as I’m concerned. I really liked the change in direction with the track “Xema” on the last EP.

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Lily & Madeleine
Audiotree Live Session

Every now and then when I listen to this, I am mentally stuck at this one song, “Nothing”. When they sing You’re nothing I’m about to cry every single time. This song is so very beautiful, however the other five tracks aren’t bad either. Give it a listen. While you’re at it, I also enjoyed the Audiotree session with Kishi Bashi.

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no metal in this battle

This EP by the Luxembourgian instrumental post rock band reminds me of both BADBADNOTGOOD and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Especially when we dive into that ten minute track “beat massaï” at the end.

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Laura Groves
Committed Language

I just reviewed the EP, so read that instead. It’s a very good one.

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FKA twigs

Video for FKA twigs’ “M3LL155X” EP on youtube.com.

(PSA: Do not buy this from the Young Turks store. They sent me my password in plain text. It’s 2015. This is not how you send confirmation mails and definitely not how you store passwords.)

Only while I watched Prethony EP-tano’s top 15 EP’s and wondered what his favorite EP might be, I realized that I had forgotten about my first place alltogether. Main reason being that I hadn’t bought it at the moment, so it wasn’t in my “Albums 2015” playlist.

… and I think it was kind of a step up In terms of the mind-bending weirdness that is FKA twigs.

Anthony Fantano on FKA twigs’ recent EP

First of all, the video above is a coherent piece of art and covers the whole EP, not only a track of it. Second, the artwork is amazing. And so is the EP. It’s tense and explicit. The way she controls her vocals is kind of a novelty, atleast it is for me. The underlying beats and strange samples accompany the tracks very well. It’s weird and I love it. Great stuff.

Those were my favorite short records. Again, tell me what you’ve been favoring over the year. I really want to know. See ya.