Favorite albums of 2018

Without further ado, here are my 20 favorite albums of 2018.

🔗 Jump to heading Jon Hopkins – Singularity

At its core, a record very much typical for Jon Hopkins. As such, it’s a perfect companion on an extended ride on the highway. The first half of the album is a large build-up spanned across multiple tracks until it takes a turn to a more quiet side with “Feel First Life”.

🔗 Jump to heading Aïsha Devi – DNA Feelings

A gorgeous and haunting album. Listening to this music feels like space travel. This is the most otherworldly and dark album on this list.

🔗 Jump to heading Hilary Woods – Colt

The music of “Colt” plays on a far away plane, in a corner of your world where miraculously you hear perfectly well, yet everything seems so distant. In its own different way, “Colt” is as haunting as Aïsha Devi’s “DNA Feelings”.

🔗 Jump to heading Fielded – Drip Drip

Besides the beautiful album artwork, “Drip Drip” is a wonderfully diverse record with various styles of instrumentation and Lindsay’s vocals being the well-performed centerpiece of the album.

🔗 Jump to heading Rosalía – El Mal Querer

(Spotify alternative: YouTube playlist)

🔗 Jump to heading Screaming Females – All At Once

Hands down the best rock music I listened to in a long time.

🔗 Jump to heading Fatima – And Yet It’s All Love

Modern soul, jazzy beats, melodic raps. Fatima delivers a much-needed change in pace to the current Rap/R&B/Soul circus in the form of her new record “And Yet It’s All Love”.

🔗 Jump to heading Melody’s Echo Chamber – Bon Voyage

In its short duration, “Bon Voyage” contains the most fun, quirk, and joy of any album I listened to this year. The track “Desert Horse” alone carries so much energy. Get that bass line onto your eardrums.

🔗 Jump to heading MGMT – Little Dark Age

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Well, what do you say? Incredibly cool and modern synth-pop record. The first half of it is simply outstanding.

🔗 Jump to heading Kali Uchis – Isolation

(Spotify alternative: YouTube playlist)

And there we have it, coming in at my number one spot is Kali Uchis’ “Isolation”. I spent a short week at the baltic sea with some friends and we were zapping through some music TV. At one point, “After The Storm” was playing and I made a note simply rading “Kali Uchis”. Only a month ago did I bother to check her out. As luck has it sometimes. So many infectious and stellar tracks: “Body Language”, “Just A Stranger”, “Your Teeth In My Neck”, “Dead To Me”, “In My Dreams”, “Tomorrow”, “After the Storm”. In short, I like everything on that album.

Until next year, hopefully. Have a wonderful 2019, beautiful. :)