On Retiring iTunes – Alternatives in Sight?

iTunes has been and still is an invaluable piece of software for me. Compared to any other music player I’ve seen it has by far the best user interface. It looks nice. After the last update, I wasn’t able to start iTunes anymore. I worked around this by plugging in my iPod which opened iTunes just fine. A couple of days later I figured it out. The shortcut in the task bar was broken and I replaced it. Phew.

Laura Groves – Committed Language (EP) Review

In 2009, Laura Groves released her debut album Blue Roses under the same name on XL Recordings. Laura is also lead-singing in the band Nautic from London. In February, her third EP Committed Language came out; a four-piece collection of beautiful and touching pop-oriented songs full of warmth.

What have I bought on Bandcamp recently? (3)

This is the third episode of this little series I’ve been doing lately. Basically it’s telling you what I bought off Bandcamp. I’m not sure whether I should be doing more lengthy reviews of individual releases. For now, this is the roundup you’ll be getting.

Backup configuration and dotfiles with Git and a shell script

A few months ago, the harddrive of my previous laptop died on me, but I could work on a Ubuntu partition I prepared for cases like this. Luckily, I kept a backup of all the important configuration files from things like Sublime Text in a Git repository. At this point I wanted to improve the process of manually copying the files from the various locations to the repo directory. I wrote a little shell script for that purpose.