Laura Groves – Committed Language (EP) Review

In 2009, Laura Groves released her debut album Blue Roses under the same name on XL Recordings. Laura is also lead-singing in the band Nautic from London. In February, her third EP Committed Language came out; a four-piece collection of beautiful and touching pop-oriented songs full of warmth.

Laura Groves at Borderline by Annette Lee
Laura Groves at Borderline by Annette Lee (source, distributed under CC NC-ND)

First introduced to me by Andrew Jerwis on the 98th installment of the Bandcamp Weekly, the record reposed in my wishlist for a few months. Now it’s in the bag.

The opener of the EP Committed Language is a slow-starting, quiet song that develops a moody groove halfway through powered by a sharp voice. That melody in the background during the refrain could go on and on. Into the light, into the light, intooo …

Dream Story features a voice just as sharp and really puts me into a little daydream. The whole structure sways and swings. Timidly quiet starting segments which turn into slightly breezier pieces with subtle crescendos. Everything is covered in a woozy atmosphere. The simple background melodies and beats make things concrete.

The third song Friday has more of a ballad-like aesthetic with a piano accentuating the whole song. Although not everyone might agree, the song sounds like a perfectly fine Friday to me. In my life. In my life. Need you in my life!

Mystique is the last track on this EP and sticks out as a special distinctable piece at first glance. It soon evolves into a theme quite similar to that of Dream Story. Again layered sustained voices make the mood. All that is accompanied by romantic percussions of the slow drums. Beautiful. I think I’m ready now, bring back the mistery.

Follow me, follow me …

This is one of my latest favorites. The folk-influence nostalgic vibe of this kind of pop music is getting to me. Maybe we can expect an album from Laura – she talked a little bit about albums in general in the above-mentioned weekly show with Andrew Jerwis.