Favorite songs of 2018

After a two-year break, I bring back my favorite songs of the year list. I tried to bring it into order, but it’s really just a rough one. Further down the list, I get more confident with where I placed the songs. As always, please let me know your favorite songs because I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch. Here we go.

How to create a Discourse plugin

In this article, I will describe in detail how to create a plugin for the Discourse forum software. The plugin will be able to save data to Discourse’s database where it can be retrieved at any time. For this, the plugin’s data needs to be transferred from the client to the server and the other way around. For this reason, a basic understanding of HTTP is required. I will try to provide all necessary information in order for you to understand what we’re doing even without knowing about HTTP and REST and requests and all that.


I find it enjoyable to setup a new operating system. For the most part. All is still fresh. But some things need to be exactly like they were before. For a while now I’ve been keeping a backup of my configuration files in a dotfiles repository. This helps me getting up and running fairly quickly. However, that’s only half the trick.