Contributing code: Besting git, but slowly

We want to contribute code. We use git. How to? One task where it easily gets complicated is contributing code to an open source project we don’t own or maintain. People need to be able to review our contribution and based on that review accept or reject it. For this purpose, we create a pull request. We ask the maintainers of a project to pull our contribution into their repository.

I find it enjoyable to setup a new operating system. For the most part. All is still fresh. But some things need to be exactly like they were before. For a while now I’ve been keeping a backup of my configuration files in a dotfiles repository. This helps me getting up and running fairly quickly. However, that’s only half the trick. Setting up Ubuntu is tedious. It doesn’t do a good job of getting out of your way.

Favorite Albums of 2016

Here we are again. One year done again. It got quite quiet here. Three articles. Nothing more. But I won’t apologize or promise to do better. Often I feel the urge to write something, but I just don’t know what. Strange, but it is what it is and I’m fine with that.

Kinder & Grenzen

Die Aussage „Kinder brauchen Grenzen“ ist eine These, die so wie sie steht keinen Halt hat. Immer dann, wenn ein Kind etwas tut, das eine andere Person nicht möchte, wird eine Grenze überschritten. Jedes Kind legt diese Grenzen für sich fest. Diese werden dann entweder verbal ausgedrückt, wobei das natürlich auch schreien oder weinen meint, oder sie werden durch eine physische Aktion kommuniziert. Das Kind entzieht sich der Situation oder verteidigt sich körperlich.

Music for Anna

You asked me to write down some recommendations because you liked the music I was playing while you were around. So here it is. Not on a piece of paper, though.